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CLEARANCE Paramo Men's Cambia Sport T Shirt

The Paramo Cambia Sport T is a lightweight, quick drying and wicking reversible T shirt.  Wear it the honeycomb side next to your skin its warmer and wear it the shiney smooth side next to your skin it's slighlty cooler.
   It's designed to be worn directly next to the skin as it works well with other layers on top of it.  It's extremely comfortable to wear as it has flat seams and it's a soft, stretchy fabric.
  The Cambia Sport is a much closer contoured fit compared to the Cambia, which is ideal when cycling, and running as less fabric flap is a bonus.
  It's a very versatile base T as you get 2 tops for the price of 1!

Cambia Sport T - Features

  • Very versatile garment – ideal when worn on its own or as a base layer under Páramo
  • Directional outer layers.
  • Reversible – 2 Tshirts for the weight and price of one!
  • The smooth face of the fabric reduces pooling of perspiration to eliminate cold spots after exercise.
  • The honeycomb face of the fabric provides ‘dry’ comfort in cooler conditions.
  • Contoured fit for high energy activities where minimal flap is an advantage.
  • Exceptionally lightweight and rapid drying, ideal for travel and expedition use.
  • Complete freedom of movement and comfort from soft, stretchy fabric.
  • Increased comfort through flat seams and athletic cut.
  • Average weight 115g

Recommended Price £39 Our Price £29 carriage paid