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In 1984 Nick Brown, owner of Nikwax, disillusioned with conventional outdoor clothing observed the way in which mammals stay dry and comfortable as their fur pumps water away faster than it can be pushed in. And so the concept of Páramo was born. Páramo is named after an area of the Andes above the tree line and below the snow. Similar to Scotland, but with less oxygen, it was here that that first fabrics were tested.
Nick found a workshop in Bogotá, Colombia in South America employing some dozen ladies using two machines, run by the Miquelina Foundation, led by Sister Esther Castano, which helped desperate women (most facing no alternative but prostitution) to learn trades and earn money. Now there is factory making some 4000 garments every month, on 120 machines. There is a kindergarten, lessons in literacy and formal training. Most employees have a formal qualification. The factory holds the coveted ISO 9002 Standard.
The loyal customer base for Paramo here at Foothills has continued to grow since our inception in 1984.

Follow these links to Paramo's YouTube channel for videos on how to wash and proof your garments.

Waterproofs: https://youtu.be/g_oUV2agMqk

Rucksacks: https://youtu.be/jGUc0k98p70

We also recommend that you tumble dry your Paramo on a low heat setting after re-waterproofing if possible. This stage is not essential, but the exposure to heat helps the TX Direct to bond with the fabric which gives you a little longer before you will need to proof it again.

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