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Paramo Men's Bentu Fleece & Windproof Jacket Package

RRP: £235.00

Paramo Men's Bentu Fleece & Windproof Jacket Package


The Men’s Bentu Fleece is designed to be combined with the Paramo Bentu Windproof Jacket to provide maximum versatility and flexibility for a wide range of walking and nature activities on hills and valleys, lowlands and coasts where one might encounter rain, cold, sun or wind.

When worn alone, the Bentu Fleece offers protection against mist and humidity, while remaining cool because of its high air permeability and exceptional breathability. When worn in combination with the Bentu Windproof, the system gives higher water repellency, including head protection. 

Bentu Fleece and Bentu Windproof Jacket work together to give a highly water repellent but not waterproof system. Bentu Jacket and Fleece come at a special package price when purchased together.

If you want a non standard colour and size combination then please order by telephone at 0114 2586228.

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Flexible cool / wet weather combo Verified Purchase

I like the fact this is a fleece I can wear when its cooler, it has a good size outer chest pocket and two small hip pockets. The windproof can be worn on itself to handle drizzle or when it's cold, has two chest pockets and two large hip pockets.

Combined you've got a reasonable waterproof system.

The windproof hip pockets have an inner zip so you can pass thru them to the fleece underneath so you've got some hand warming capability.

However, because the fleece pocket has to align with the windproof pocket zip, the fleece pockets are small, their zips are quite forward. That means the fleece pockets you'll likely find smaller than you prefer. I know why they did it if they made the fleece pockets bigger you'd struggle to get the hands into them from the windproof.

I find these fleece+windproof not as waterproof of a regular Paramo waterproof, they suit occasional rain.

You can layer also, e.g. put the Bentu fleece under an Analogy waterproof, or add the Bentu windproof over an Analogy Waterproof, or even both to make a very robust 4 layer system.

Nigel | Preston | August 2023