Paramo Men's Katmai Light Shirt


Paramo Men's Katmai Light Shirt


The new Katmai Light shirt is a fully specified long sleeved shirt ideal for all activities in warm climates.This ultra lightweight Parameta® A fabric will give protection from the sun and the wind while providing active cooling, using every last drop of perspiration to cool you. Biting insects are deterred by the dense fabric weave and can be shut out at the collar and cuffs. The pockets offer secure and secret storage of documents and travel necessities.
 It's very quick and easy to wash and dry to maintain a smart appearance, it also provides protection against UV rays.
  The hidden and discreet pockets are very practical for travel. The Katmai is an ideal choice when carrying bulky items.
  There's greater temperature control with reduced gape from closely spaced buttons and increased wind and sun protection through traditional style collar.  
  The seams over the shoulder area are flat meaning minimal rucksack rub and there's maximum freedom of movement with articulated sleeves.
  In terms of pockets there are two bellows pockets on the chest., a hidden secure passport-sized pocket within one bellows pocket and a discreet OS map-sized pocket.  The back hem is long with side slits and it's a great looking checked shirt as well as being practical.

Katmai Light Shirt - Features

  • Greater temperature control with reduced gape from closely spaced buttons.
  • Increased wind and sun protection through traditional style collar.
  • Additional temperature control and bug resistance from secure cuff closure.
  • Minimal rucksack rub over shoulder area due to flat shoulder seams.
  • Maximum freedom of movement from articulated sleeves.
  • Two bellows pockets on the chest.
  • Hidden secure passport sized pocket within one bellows pocket.
  • Discreet OS map sized pocket.
  • Long back hem with side slits for ease of movement.
  • Two spare buttons provided.
  • Provides UV protection, blocking virtually all harmful rays (SPF 50+ equivalent).
  • Dense fabric weave deters biting insects.
  • Average weight 200g
Recommended Price £75. Our Price £60 Carriage Paid