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Paramo Unisex Poncho

The Páramo Poncho offers a lightweight solution to rain protection in warm climates. Constructed from lightweight Nikwax Windproof with zoned Pump Liner on the shoulders and hood to provide further protection, the Poncho will shed a tropical downpour effectively whilst providing maximum ventilation and minimum insulation – ideal for wet and humid conditions.

Páramo Poncho Size Guide

Size to fit chest up to:
S/M - 40ins  101cms
L/XL - 49ins 125cms

The Poncho has been designed so that it can be worn over a rucksack and as such has a long back. When worn without a rucksack size S/M will fit a person of up to a height of 1.65m (5ft 5") and L/XL will fit a person taller than 1.65m (5ft 5"). The centre back length of the Poncho's two sizes differs by 15cm.

Technical Information

  • Lightweight windproof with zoned Pump Liner provides fast water-shedding with minimal weight plus extra proteciton across the high impact areas of head and shoulders
  • Simple hood for easy use - lined with mesh Pump Liner®.
  • Poncho design ensures heat is not trapped in the system, allowing wearer to stay dry and keep equipment dry without overheating in warm conditions.
  • Generous size and length, with longer back, allows the Poncho to be put on quickly over a pack and still have sufficient length for cover.
  • Colour-coded poppers on ‘cuffs’ and sides can be quickly engaged to hold in place (allowing use of hands).
  • Lightweight windproof easily stowed in internal ‘pocket’.
Recommended price £100. Our Price £85 carriage paid.