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Ramblers Worldwide Walking Holidays



USA, Canada & the Caribbean
Experience the diverse and exciting flavours of the New World on our North American trekking holidays.
Italy & Islands
Italy is the European centre of culture and charisma. You can go sightseeing in Rome, snowshoeing in the Alps or hiking around Sicily.
Far East
Discover a different and stunning world of the Far East. From walking holidays in China to cruising down the Mekong River, diverse experiences await.
Spain & Islands
From the towering beauty of the Pyrenees to the strikingly diverse Canary Islands, Spanish walking holidays are an impressive experience.
Going on a walking holiday through France lets you enjoy endlessly varied countryside, great walking, sumptuous food and even a glass of wine or two!
Straddling the equator, Africa offers variety without parallel for your trekking holidays. This vast, dramatic continent will leave you wanting more.
Greece & Islands
Greece blends the ancient with the modern in an incredible fusion of mystery, colour and sensation.
Portugal & Islands
Portugal has a diverse landscape of relaxed and charming villages. A walking holiday here will uncover the true heart of this incredibly beautiful country.
Middle East & North Africa
A true centre of world affairs from ancient times, the Middle East abounds with history. Our walking holidays provide a great insight to this colourful region.
Central Europe
Familiar favourites and hidden treasures will ensure that your European walking holidays are bursting with adventure.
Walking holidays to Australia and New Zealand are the ideal way of getting into the heart and soul of these spectacularly beautiful countries.
Get an insight into one of the world’s most multidimensional countries and enjoy one of our thrilling trekking holidays here.
South & Central America
From scenic hikes around the island of Cuba, to the wilds of Patagonia, see the best of this diverse continent.
We explore stunning landscapes bustling with culture, big cities, deep jungle and lands of contrasts on our walking holidays in Asia.
Baltic Regions
Closer to home there are amazing discoveries of culture and landscapes to be found on a walking holiday in the Baltic regions.
Eastern Europe
Experience the cultural and historical characteristics of Eastern Europe and rediscover the adventure of travel on our walking holidays.