Rohan Men's Flex Jeans


Rohan Men's Flex Jeans


Four magic ingredients make up the Flex Jeans – each with impressive technical properties that when combined create a great pair of jeans you’d be happy wearing day in and day out.

Like any normal jeans, the Flex Jeans contain cotton that not only gives them their denim appeal but also takes advantage of cotton’s fantastic natural benefits - breathability, durability and comfort. To enhance these naturally occurring technical properties, they're blended with Coolmax® polyester, elastane and lyocell.

Like any polyester, Coolmax® polyester increases durability and makes the Flex Jeans much easier to care for – they’re machine washable, have an impressive dry time over regular denim jeans and they’ll come out with hardly any creases making them ideal for travel. However Coolmax® polyester goes a step further. This impressive technology makes the Flex Jeans incredibly high-wicking, dispersing moisture evenly around the fabric keeping you dry and comfortable.

On top of that, the Flex Jeans also have elastane in the blend – adding a welcome bit of stretch and excellent recovery. It stops these jeans being too restrictive and helps them to keep their shape and prevent saggy knees.

Lyocell is the key component to our Flex Jeans that complements the cotton, Coolmax® polyester and elastane to make these our most comfortable jeans yet.

Made using the pulp from wood, this sustainable material was initially created as a substitute for silk, so naturally it feels incredibly soft against the skin. It also has excellent technical properties including high breathability and moisture control. Like Coolmax® polyester, lyocell transports moisture away from the body for quicker evaporation, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. It also has excellent durability and flexibility enhancing the properties of the other fibres.

This blend of natural and synthetic fibres reduces the weight of the jeans creating a 9oz denim that makes them incredibly light and packable compared to normal 100% cotton jeans.

Designed in a contemporary tapered leg fit and with plenty of pockets, including a hidden zipped security pocket on the rear seam, these jeans are classic Rohan ingenuity with bang up to date fabric technology. They’re also UPF 40+ Sun Protection tested and approved.

Flex Jeans - Technical Information

  • Fabric:  65% cotton, 21% Coolmax® polyester, 12% lyocell, 2% elastane
  • Weight: 559g
  • Pack Size: 1450ml
  • Drying Time: 7 hours

Flex Jeans - Features

  • Advanced blend of cotton, Coolmax® polyester, elastane and lyocell for our most comfortable jeans yet.
  • Perfect for travel and everyday wear.
  • UPF 40+ Sun Protection.
  • Lightweight 9oz denim.
  • Soft against the skin.
  • High-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable all day long.
  • Stretch prevents sagginess at the knees and provides excellent freedom of movement.
  • Contemporary tapered leg fit.
  • Button fly.
  • A total of 7 pockets – two front pockets with one with hook and loop coin pocket and one with an internal hidden pouch pocket, two rear patch pockets and one hidden zipped pocket on the rear seam.
  • Lightweight.
  • Packable.
  • Easycare.

These are not available online. For our personal service, ring 0114 258 6228 or they can be delivered direct to Foothills from Rohan by picking the deliver to store service. All of our goods are sent to you carriage paid.