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Rohan Men's Merino Cool Polo

Blending polyamide, merino wool and lyocell gives the Merino Cool Polo impressive benefits that make it a great wardrobe staple for warmer months.

Polyamide is a tough synthetic fibre that adds durability, recovery and easycare functionality to the Merino Cool Polo. It also makes it much easier and quicker to wash and dry, and ensures it keeps its shape after continued wear and washing.

Merino wool gives this polo impressive performance benefits – it’s naturally antimicrobial, temperature regulating, high-wicking and soft, making the Merino Cool Polo a fantastic choice for warmer climates. The antimicrobial properties will keep you feeling fresh and reduce the build-up of odour and mould, whilst the temperature regulation and moisture management will keep you feeling dry, cool and comfortable even after a long day in the heat.

The addition of lyocell to the blend enhances the properties of polyamide and merino wool. It’s sustainably made from wood pulp and was originally created as an alternative to silk, so it’s incredibly soft against the skin. It’s also naturally high-wicking and breathable, like merino wool, and has excellent durability and recovery, like polyamide. 

The Merino Cool Polo a classic design, with a smart collar and two button placket. Rohan have also made sure it’s as low-profile and lightweight as possible, making it more comfortable to wear and more convenient for travel.

Merino Cool Polo - Technical Information

  • Fabric: 52% merino wool, 35% lyocell, 13% polyamide.
  • Weight: 161g
  • Pack Size: 380ml
  • Drying Time: 5 hours

Merino Cool Polo- Features

  • Smart-casual, short sleeved polo for warm weather travel and everyday wear.
  • Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, temperature regulating, high-wicking and soft.
  • Lyocell is very soft against the skin and high-wicking, it’s also durable with excellent flexibility.
  • Polyamide adds easycare functionality, durability and recovery.
  • Classic short-sleeve polo style with collar and two button placket.
  • Soft label to prevent irritation.
  • Low-bulk and weight.
  • Versatile style.

These are not available online. For our personal service, ring 0114 258 6228 or they can be delivered direct to Foothills from Rohan by picking the deliver to store service. All of our goods are sent to you carriage paid.