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Rohan Women's Shoreline Top

Polyester, lyocell and elastane make up the Shoreline Top with each giving it its distinct benefits for a truly comfortable, smart-casual top.

Polyester in the blend gives the Shoreline Top its rugged durability. Despite its soft feel and casual style, this is a technical top that wouldn’t shy away from some light activity, especially with the addition of the Dynamic Moisture Control™ which ensures you stay dry and comfortable by moving the moisture away from the body to the surface of the fabric for quicker evaporation.

The super soft feel comes down to the lyocell. This sustainable material is made from wood pulp and is an impressive natural fibre with a host of technical benefits. It’s highly breathable and offers excellent moisture control by transporting moisture away from the body, complementing the work of the Dynamic Moisture Control™ finish. It also has excellent durability and flexibility enhancing the properties of the other fibres.

Finally, elastane gives the Shoreline Top its stretch for excellent freedom of movement and shape retention. This helps to keep the top from pilling after wash and wear, as well as making it really comfortable for a full day of sightseeing, working or traveling.

This technical blend gives the Shoreline Top plenty of easycare functionality. It will happily take a spin in the washing machine, has a quick dry time and will require little to no ironing.

The Shoreline Top is cut in a classic long sleeved T style with a scooped neck and a straight hem that makes it incredibly versatile. It’s also really lightweight and will pack away small which makes it great for travel.

Shoreline Top - Technical Information

  • Fabric: 83% polyester, 11% lyocell, 6% elastane with Dynamic Moisture Control™.
  • Weight: 175g
  • Pack Size: 450ml
  • Drying Time: 3 hours

Shoreline Top - Features

  • Technical blend of polyester, lyocell and elastane.
  • Polyester adds durability and easycare functionality.
  • Lyocell adds a super soft feel and high-wicking breathability.
  • Elastane adds stretch for comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Dynamic Moisture Control™ finish for excellent moisture management.
  • Classic long sleeved T-shirt style with scooped neck and straight cut hem.
  • Easycare.
  • Small packsize.
  • Versatile.

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Rohan Women's Shoreline Top
Rohan Women's Shoreline Top Rohan Women's Shoreline Top Rohan Women's Shoreline Top Rohan Women's Shoreline Top